Prem Vinit

Vinit studied for seven years at the prestigious "Bellas Artes", School of Arts, in Chile,
where she learned how to work with clay, stone and marble, and to make jewellery.
Later on in Paris, she studied traditional jewellery-making and the art of mime.
She then worked for many years doing theater
in Chile and Europe.


In 1988, while living in India, she felt an urge to sculpt a large scale bust of OSHO
 and send its photo to Him.


Soon afterwards receiving a reply from OSHO, saying he liked it very much,
and if she would make another one, four to five feet tall, for the new "OSHO-Auditorium".

She has dedicated her whole life sculpting and painting OSHO.


Quoting her:
"All art is about melting in Love with the object one is creating.
To melt with OSHO and express His Spirit in my art, is a deep fulfillment for me".