MA PREM VINIT                  spanish version

left the body on the 1st of February 2014.

Two days before while sitting and meditating with her,
she communicated this message through her niece:

Everything was important in my existence.

I am fulfilled,
but I have to visit many more places.

The love I received from you and I felt
I give back to you.
Tears clean the Heart and the Soul.

My path is coming to an end.

I have lived a full life,

but also full of empty spaces.

Forgive me for what I have done

and also for what I have not.

Your souls calm down and so is mine.
I have felt the lack of not being a mother,

but I love my nieces.

My path is full of trees

that have grown at different times in my life.

Many are waiting for me,

but the connection is done gradually,

slowly, slowly....

Every moment of life is a treasure.

Guard it,
because with this treasure
you present yourself to the Grandiose Light,

so great I cannot explain...

I am happy and at peace.

I love you all.

I cannot express in words what I am feeling.


To Maila: what is far away in this life is so close,

there are nor barriers neither obstacles
Quenita: our friendship is glorious.

Family: I give you my Blessings again.

The rest you will feel when your time arrives.

Everything is so immense...

I cannot explain....

Nothing more